We are at Surat, India
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GTTP India

GTTP is a multi-country educational program that introduces students to learn, understand and have career opportunities in Travel & Tourism. GTTP was started in INDIA in 2017 with a vision of teaching our Indian students about tours and tourism. In the first year we started with 3 schools and 52 students. Gradually we are expanding this year with addition of more new schools and colleges. This year we have enrolled many new schools from various states of India. GTTP India provides extensive teacher training and support throughout our regional network, programs designed to help teachers learn how to teach the Travel & Tourism subject, how to teach PASSPORT TO THE WORLD, and how to assess and evaluate student progress using portfolio assessment. Students are taught these courses in detail along with theoretical and practical training. We participate in GTTP annual competitions and other activities designed to provide participants a better understanding of the Travel & Tourism industry, practical experience of research, project development and team work, opportunities to become more familiar with their own and other countries, and to interact with teachers and students from different GTTP countries.