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PASSPORT TO THE WORLD : An Introduction to Travel & Tourism, is an online course accessible via our dedicated GTTP Education & Training Platform, www.globaltraveleducation.org It has been developed using some of the best expertise across travel and tourism, worldwide, to ensure students get the best possible learning experience. In some countries Passport to the World is the officially approved introductory curriculum into travel and tourism. In others it supplements the timetable. It is also available for students in countries where GTTP doesn’t yet operate. However you use Passport to the World, it will provide access to a learning tool which will build your understanding of the subject and the industry beyond. We have been using it now for more than a decade to ensure students have a global perspective of travel and tourism, one of the world’s fastest growing industries which offers an array of varied and interesting career opportunities for young people. The Passport comes with three modules – one for instructors and two for students, including a schedule of activities. Students can also aspire to achieve the GTTP International Certificate of Achievement on completion of the course, which is endorsed by many world-leading industry bodies and is a great way to make your Resume or CV stand out.