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Passport to the World

PASSPORT TO THE WORLD was developed by GTTP country directors and teachers. The course provides students with a basic understanding of tourism as a global industry. The curriculum is “teacher friendly” and is designed in such a way that basic concepts and information are combined with activities that focus the students on their own community or region.

In some countries, like Russia, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD, is the officially-approved introductory curriculum. In Ireland, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD was incorporated into Ireland’s new national curriculum. In other member countries, like Hungary and Canada, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD is used to supplement existing curriculum. In Brazil PASSPORT TO THE WORLD was adopted by the federal government of Brazil as part of its drive to expand tourism education in state and municipal schools throughout Brazil. In Kenya PASSPORT TO THE WORLD was approved by the education ministry and is used to introduce learners to this subject. For countries that are just starting to offer this subject, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD can be used as the introductory curriculum and provides a basis for understanding the industry and for going on to further study.

Learners who master the material in PASSPORT TO THE WORLD are eligible to receive the PASSPORT TO THE WORLD CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT. To earn this certificate, learners must complete a portfolio of work that demonstrates competencies, including knowledge of the subject matter, skills, and a professional work ethic.

The Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT), the UK’s leading travel professional society, and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) have endorsed this certificate.


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